Mack Boots

History of mack

The origins of Mack Boots™ in Australia dates back to 1993 where a local importer, JLD Trading, gained a franchise for Mack Boots™ in Australia and New Zealand. This franchise was a great success and led to JLD Trading obtaining the license to produce, import and distribute a range of Mack® licensed products. In 2008, JLD Trading was purchased by the Jeminex Group and has become an integral part of Australia's group of safety companies. As a member of this group, the Mack Boots™ brand was able to extend its reach across the nation within an established network of distributors in every state. Since then, Mack has grown its presence internationally, with distributors in 9 countries. Nearing 20 years Mack Boots™ have been a part of Australian worker's safety and has become a trusted favourite among workers Australia wide.